Management Solutions for Healthcare Providers

For over 40 years, BDM IT Solutions Inc. has been providing North America’s leading healthcare facilities and providers with innovative tools for the delivery of patient care. Increasingly, technology is necessary in the field of healthcare, and has the ability to improve patient outcomes.

Facilities ranging from correctional centers to hospitals to long-term care homes, trust BDM IT Solutions Inc. to support their workflows and clinical activities. Take a moment and learn how BDM IT Solutions Inc. is empowering healthcare providers across the continent.


Utilized by North America’s leading healthcare institutions, BDM’s suite of award winning software has assisted in the administration of over 17 billion doses to 67.5 million patients.

Like hospitals, patient-centered care is a core philosophy at BDM IT Solutions Inc. Widely installed and proven, BDM Pharmacy provides flexibility required and helps enable productivity and quality of care improvements.

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Healthcare in Correctional Facilities


Correctional workers face unique challenges delivering medically necessary healthcare services to inmates.

BDM IT Solutions’ products provide a seamless integration with the inmate management systems, to document medication compliance efficiently and safely.

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Improving Patient Outcomes in Behavioural Health

Behavioural Health

BDM IT Solutions Inc. empowers healthcare professionals to improve their patient outcomes and the wellbeing of individuals living with mental illness and addictions.

The BDM Software Suite provides integrated functionality so healthcare professionals have the decision support tools for optimizing complex medication regimens.

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Specialized Care in Long-term Facilities

Long-term Care

The BDM IT Solutions Inc platform is robust and adaptable to the precise needs of homecare facilities, providing full coordination of care.

BDM’s suite of innovative software tools help enrich the lives of staff and residents in all kinds of care longterm facilities. With AXIS ® eMar, more time can be spent optimizing drug therapy outcomes right at the point of care.

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Pharmacy Out-Patient Care


More outpatient care means an expanded scope of practice for pharmacists. BDM IT Solutions’ suite of products provides pharmacists with an innovative set of tools that help optimize all levels of required care.

AXIS ® MTM ensures you have the patient and medication management tools necessary to take a more active role in managing patient’s complex medication regimens.

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Patient-Centric Services by Specialty Pharmacies

Specialty Pharmacy

The BDM IT Solutions Inc platform is engineered to aid the next generation of pharmacists, as their role continues to adapt and become more expansive within the health services industry.

The patient and management tools can be customized to complement the way patient-centric services are delivered. Tools such as AXIS ® MedRec & AXIS ® MTM allows for increased access to relevant clinical information to guide informed, evidence based decisions.

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