AXIS Orders

In a challenging work environment, providers need the most advanced technologies to improve patient outcomes. Driving efficiencies, while enabling patient-centered care, the AXIS Orders platform is an intuitive solution that can catalyze organizational change by optimizing the medication ordering process.


Efficient Workflows

Intelligently triage tasks to ensure the most pressing medication needs are tended to


Enhanced Patient Safety

Configurable third party checks are processed in real time with order note documentation


Functionally Advanced

Smart logic makes complex taper, titrate or cyclical order sets easy to input

Key Features

Exceptional User Experience

  • Minimize the risk of alert fatigue through tiered clinical checks configurable to specific provider groups
  • Smart order entry identifies a provider’s order preferences through past use
  • Inventory smart logic calculates the correct quantity/strength combination to dispense based on formulary rules
  • Configurable order field rules and order entry options ensure workflows optimized for your specific facility are followed.

A Secure Solution that Travels With You

  • Input and access clinical information at the point-of-care
  • Seamless access to internal formulary and third party resources
  • Access the web-based portal from any tablet or desktop computer through omni-channel design

Spend More Time with Your Patients

  • Expedite order entry by utilizing configurable predefined order sets based on diagnosis, patient status or other protocols
  • Order templates based on medical directives or caregiver status types
  • Confirmation page provides a final summary before the order set is finalized
  • Accessible medication care plan with sorting and filter options to gather the specific information you need

Make the Best Clinical Decisions

  • Embed hospital defined protocols within provider rules to minimize the risk of medication errors
  • Override details are documented when an alert is bypassed
  • Add clinical notes to orders to help communicate relevant clinical information

Triage and Prioritize

  • Interactive flagged patient lists are updated in real-time to help users triage tasks and track patient movement while monitoring changes to their status and service location.
  • Easily identify medication activities that need immediate attention through follow-up reminders and tasks
  • Through a configurable setting, providers are alerted of orders stopping within 24 hours to ensure continuity of their medication therapy regimen is realized
  • Inventory smart logic simplifies the ordering process for tapering drug therapy regimens. Providers simply need to input the drug and dose for the system to calculate the ideal drug strength and quantity breakdown

Focus on Privacy, Customization and Support

  • 24/7 in-person support to resolve problems and optimize system functionality
  • No Patient Sensitive Health Information (PHI) is saved on the actual device
  • Full 256 bit SSL encryption
  • HIPAA compliant technology

Communication and Integration

  • Established interface library for integration with a wide variety of ancillary systems and third-party knowledge databases
  • Real-time messaging and patient handoff functionality

Robust Security Standards

  • Highly secure as no Patient Sensitive Health Information (PHI) is saved on the actual device
  • Full 256 bit SSL encryption provides an enhanced level of security
  • OrdersDashboard
  • OrdersEdit
  • OrdersEntry
  • OrdersFunction
  • OrdersMedprofile
  • OrdersTaper

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