AXIS ® MTM empowers clinical pharmacists to practice at their highest competency levels by providing real-time access to the clinical information they need to manage complex medication regimens and improve patient outcomes.


Optimal Clinical Workflows

Electronically capture interventions and outcomes.


Mobility in Mind

Provides context specific clinical information at the point of care.


Communication Made Easy

Take collaboration to the next level via real-time messaging and handoff functionality.

Key Features

Spend More Time With Your Patients

  • Create a flagged patient list to triage follow up tasks and guide workflows
  • Extensive set of configurable rules that have the ability to automatically identify patients who may benefit from a pharmaceutical opinion based on their:
    • lab values
    • specific medication orders
    • a multitude of other site-specific configurable variables
  • Interactive flagged patient list automatically updates to reflect new admissions and changing clinical variables

Make the Best Clinical Decisions

  • Patient care plans are electronically inputted, captured and stored in a convenient and easy to read format that presents a full and comprehensive view of a patient’s history
  • Filter and search for specific terms or past visits
  • All notes are auditable and can be added upon to track a patient’s progress and any interventions associated with specific Drug Therapy Problems
  • Therapeutic Response Graph provides users with the ability to tie specific lab values to a class of medications to gauge a patient’s therapeutic response throughout the course of therapy
  • Configurable to show a desired length of therapy
  • Users are also able to manually select and graph specific orders and lab values
  • With intelligent logic, users easily navigate to a specific medication in a third party resource with minimal keystrokes
  • Adaptable clinical calculation tools that can be created for your institution's’ specific needs
  • Analytics for all areas of the system available
    • Drug usage
    • Workload
    • Financial
    • Clinical
  • ADA compliance - provide users with color and text warnings when an order does not map for the reconciliation

Robust Security Standards

  • Highly secure as no Patient Sensitive Health Information (PHI) is saved on the actual device
  • Full 256 bit SSL encryption provides you with an enhanced level of security

Hosting Multiple Other Benefits

  • Minimize the stress placed on your IT team and capital budget by taking advantage of our hosted services
  • Updates are done via the cloud making for minimal disruption and stress

Drive Efficiency Without Compromising Patient Care

  • Improve efficiency by eliminating the need for pharmacists to gather information from a variety of different sources
  • Reduce the risks associated with manual data transcription and record keeping
  • Electronically document interventions to capture and report the value pharmacists bring to the healthcare team
  • AXIS ® MTM is designed specifically for the unique needs of pharmacists managing complex medication regimens

Communication Made Easy

  • Ability to share documentation through interfaces with other 3rd party systems and providers
  • Direct communication portal between clinical pharmacists on the ward and central fill pharmacy staff for order clarification or to report a missing dose
  • Enhanced communication with your team eases the stress of patient care plan handoffs
  • Tasks can be distributed amongst a group of providers and marked outstanding until an individual takes responsibility and ownership of the specific task
  • Communicate with a group or individual using the multipurpose messaging functionality

Versatile Reports

  • Comprehensive reporting functionality allows administrators to extract workflow metrics that capture KPIs based on clinical tasks, interventions and patient outcomes
  • Eliminates the need for multiple screens and data input for frontline pharmacists when documenting workload statistics
  • MTMdashboard
  • MTMdoseresponsegraph
  • MTMmedprofile
  • MTMprogressnote

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