AXIS ® MedRec

An accurate and comprehensive medication reconciliation provides healthcare professionals with the confidence needed to make the best clinical decisions. AXIS ® MedRec is an intuitive mobile platform that provides users with the ability to systematically collect, access and document information where it matters most, at the patient’s bedside.

Reduce the risk of adverse drug events by making the MedRec processes efficient and systematic for providers.


Efficient Mobile Workflows

Obtain and document the patient’s BPMH at the patient’s bedside in real-time.


Seamless Integration

Capture, transfer and store clinically relevant information in ancillary systems at all interfaces of care.


Clinical Checks

Smart sorting minimizes the risk of unintentional discrepancies, medication errors and drug interactions.

Key Features

  • Specific Admission, Discharge, and Transfer MedRec workflows
  • Auditable order note documentation
  • Patient home care plan, prescriptions and administration review templates
  • Efficient workflows that help drive adoption and compliance
  • Information is retained within the patient’s medical record for efficient data capture
  • Inpatient and outpatient order conversion simplifies BPMH processes
  • Ability to integrate BPMH
  • Analytics for all areas of the system available
    • Drug usage
    • Workload
    • Financial
    • Clinical
  • ADA compliance - provide users with color and text warnings when an order does not map for the reconciliation

Built With Patient Safety in Mind

  • Live comparisons of orders
    • Smart sorting of discharge and admission MedRec gives users a quick and efficient display of medications
  • 3rd party clinical checks for new orders
  • Configurable preference for single clinician or multi-team member sign off

Benefits of Integration

  • Easily integrated with patient medical record via order results interface
  • Patient’s history is permanently retained, allowing for easy access to medication history upon readmission
  • Mobile enabled platform allows for documentation in real time

Measure Performance and Monitor Improvement

  • Automated notifications alert users when a MedRec hasn’t been completed after a specified period of time post admission
  • Flagged patient list updates the patients under your care in real time
  • Ability to capture key metrics that outline individual or institutional MedRec performance
  • Identify areas for improvement and organizational change via robust data collection

Hosting Multiple Other Benefits

  • Access the web based portal from any tablet or desktop computer
  • Minimize the stress placed on your IT team and capital budget by taking advantage of our hosted services
  • Upgrades are done via the cloud making for minimal disruption and stress

Robust Security Standards

  • Highly secure as no Patient Sensitive Health Information (PHI) is saved on the actual device
  • Full 256 bit SSL encryption provides an enhanced level of security

Drive Efficiency Without Compromising Patient Care

  • Reduce the risks associated with manual data transcription and record keeping
  • Share documentation through interfaces with other 3rd party systems
  • Prescription creation through discharge MedRec workflow
  • Eliminate the need to scan, copy and file paper documentation

Communication Made Easy

  • Communicate intentional discrepancies through auditable order notes
  • Tasks, such as MedRec, can be distributed amongst a group of providers on a specific ward
  • Multipurpose messaging functionality can be used to communicate with an individual or group of providers
  • MedRecdashboard
  • MedRecdischarge
  • MedRecdischargeRx
  • MedRecmainscreen
  • MedRectransfer

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