AXIS ® Inventory

Healthcare Inventory Management Software

AXIS ® Inventory software, part of BDM's suite of healthcare technology products, provides tools that play a vital role in assisting your facility's practise with planning, organizing and medication inventory management from both your financial and operational perspectives. AXIS ® Inventory is used in a wide-range of healthcare facilities including hospitals, correctional facilities, home care, long-term care facilities and specialty pharmacies.


Mobility for Health Practitioners

Access web based, real time drug information from mobile devices, tablets or desktop computers.


Integration with EHRs and EMRs

Seamless compatibility with other BDM products, EHRs, and EMRs.


Drug Management with Barcoding

Accurate and efficient medication inventory management, supporting all barcoding standards.

Key Features of AXIS ® Inventory Software

  • Track and Trace ability from the receipt to dispense to administration of the medication
  • Lot number and Expiry analytics to allow your users to find and monitor any item at any time
  • Workflows created, validated and proven by leading healthcare institutions
  • Medication inventory database maintenance and configuration
  • Integration with all major drug database content suppliers including Health Canada, First Databank, Medispan, Micromedex (Redbook) and Vigilance Sante
  • Purchasing, procurement and vendor maintenance
  • Pharmacy stock replenishment
  • Notifications and ordering tools based on daily utilization by pharmacists and patients
  • Real time reporting of stock movement
  • Physical Counts
  • Compounding and special product manufacturing tools, ingredients and auditing
  • Control substances management and reporting as required by pharmacies and health facilities
  • Pick lists, tracking and perpetual inventory at unlimited inventory locations
  • Extensive Reporting including statistical financial and workload analysis
  • Analysis tools to maximize inventory turns
  • Hospital floor/ward stock management
  • Robust audit trail management
  • Drug lot #, medication expiry date tracking at all levels of stock movement
  • Take medical staff collaboration to the next level via real-time messaging and electronic handoff functionality
  • Analytics for all areas of the system available
    • Drug usage
    • Workload
    • Financial
    • Clinical
  • ADA compliance - provide users with color and text warnings when an order does not map for the reconciliation


The AXIS ® Inventory Approach to Medication Management:

AXIS ® Inventory software can support multiple drug inventory management methods, providing tools and real value for each approach to your inventory management including:

  • Visual – Live and actionable reports provide the ability to see and respond for drug replenishment, physical count, procurement tools and manufacturing and compounding needs.
  • Periodic – Measuring medical inventory at specific points in time is the next level of sophistication when managing inventory. Medication reconciliation, replenishment, manufacturing, physical count, reporting and procurement tools can assist your healthcare facility's pharmacy with these workflows and information tracking.  In addition accurate financial statements can be generated at these specific points of time and fluctuations in drug supply and demand by patients can be analyzed.
  • Perpetual – Maintains up to date and accurate counts of product stock and associated costs.  This method requires a more sophisticated integration with your pharmacy system to allow tracking of inventory and usage and tracking to the patient prescription.


Focus on Service and Health IT Support:

  • 24/7/365 live IT support via telephone, email, fax and Web
  • Support call tracked real time via Web with detailed resolution history
  • Established peer network that allows you to collaborate with leading healthcare institutions from across North America
  • Testing and training environments for all medical staff
  • An efficient incremental revision model minimizes downtime and saves you time and resources for seamless management system and health regulatory upgrades with minimal downtime


Other Software Benefits:

  • CLOUD enabled
  • Access the health management web based portal from any tablet, mobile device or desktop computer
  • Minimize the stress placed on your health IT team and capital budget by taking advantage of our hosted services


Flexible Integration with Existing Health Management Technology:

  • Established interface library within the AXIS ® health management software that expedites implementation processes
  • Supports HL7, EDI and proprietary data communication standards

AXIS ® Inventory Software Screenshots

  • 1Dashboard
  • 2InventoryManagement
  • 3LotNumberandExpiry
  • 4PhysicalCount
  • 5Purchasing
  • 6StockMovement
  • 7ManufacturerInquiry
  • 8ManufacturerInquiry
  • 9ManufacturerInquiry

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