AXIS eMAR utilizes the latest technology to improve patient safety and reduce medication administration errors at the patient’s bedside. An advanced, intuitive and mobile-enabled solution, AXIS eMAR guides healthcare providers through optimal workflow processes to ensure the most critical patient safety standards are exceeded in an efficient manner.



Seamless compatibility with other BDM and third-party patient management solutions



Workflows created, validated and proven by leading healthcare institutions



Real-time access to clinically relevant information

Key Features

Triage Important Tasks

  • Triage functionality that includes ability to review medication dosing and perform task analysis and processing
  • Configurable settings provide clinically relevant information that reduces the risk of alert fatigue
  • Provides users with an elegant and easy to understand display of upcoming doses due within a given time-frame
  • Filterable list of medications that show the specific type of information required by the caregiver to group orders
    • IV, PRN, Chemotherapy, Self Admin, etc
  • Allows for multiple provider sign off and witnessed dose functionality for narcotics and other targeted medications

Verification of the Patient’s Rights

  • The embedded workflows ensure:
    • Right Patient
    • Right Medication
    • Right Time
    • Right Dose
    • Right Route
    • Right Documentation
    • Right Reason
    • Right Response

A Focus on Compatibility

  • Seamless integration to existing vendor solutions with the ability to couple AXIS eMAR with BDM Pharmacy’s rich functionality
  • Established interface library that expedites implementation processes

Seamless Documentation

  • Allows users to easily create and document a configurable list of clinical observations at the point of care such as:
    • Blood Glucose
    • Pain Scale
    • Blood Pressure
    • Respiratory Rate
    • Plus an unlimited number of user-defined observations
  • Can designate whether an observation was taken pre or post administration
  • Ability to update a patient’s allergies, height, weight and diagnosis based on your user-role

Ease of Communication

  • Provides a direct communication portal between those administering medications on the ward and central pharmacy
  • Order notes allow users to communicate and document the underlying reason behind missing orders and late administrations

Reliable in Tough Situations

  • Provides planned/unplanned unavailability MAR in the event one or more nursing unit’s infrastructure fails, and can be sent electronically to a secure server or to nursing units for distribution

Comprehensive Reporting Tools

  • Fully auditable reporting functionality that gathers statistics and relevant info for the precise needs of your facility such as early, late and reconciled administrations
  • Provide barcode scanning compliance summary to ensure optimal workflows are followed
  • Configurable Drug Administration Report (DAR) that provides administration details can be printed or electronically transferred to facility record departments
  • Analytics for all areas of the system available
    • Drug usage
    • Workload
    • Financial
    • Clinical
  • ADA compliance - provide users with color and text warnings when an order does not map for the reconciliation

Robust IV Handling Workflows

  • Conversations with Pharmacy staff can be initiated directly from eMAR to request a hold of an IV
  • Offers the option to prompt caregivers to document the site of administration
  • The system prompts users to verify held orders once they’re taken off hold
  • eMARDashboard
  • eMARMedWorklist
  • eMARTriage01
  • eMARTriage02
  • eMAReDAR
  • eMARmedprofile
  • eMARpatienttriage

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