AXIS ® eChart

AXIS ® eChart is the foundation to the AXIS ® suite of products. By providing access to core AXIS ® functionality, users can review the demographic information and medication profiles of individuals within their scope of care. AXIS ® eChart also allows administrators to stay engaged with their team through the messaging, task and notification functionalities embedded within the platform. This can all be done securely while using mobile devices or desktop computers to access the web based platform.


Core Functionality

Task, messaging and notification systems help you and your team stay connected and engaged.


Flexible Deployment

Cloud technology reduces the time and resources required to implement and maintain the system.


Read-Only View

Access the pertinent clinical and demographic information you need to know about your patients.

Take Advantage of the Latest Advancements in Cloud Technology

  • Quickly realize dramatic reductions in IT overhead by utilizing BDM IT Solutions’ infrastructure
  • Eliminate the complexity of hosting and updating software by leveraging the cloud for the efficient deployment of software improvements
  • Web based architecture allows healthcare professionals and administrators to access critical data from most devices, when and where they need it
  • Minimize downtime through flexible and efficient implementation processes

Key AXIS ® Functionality

  • Secure messaging functionality between team members on the AXIS ® platform allows for context specific communication
  • Task creation allows for shared responsibilities amongst a defined set of users or clinical group
  • Create repeatable and scheduled tasks to ensure regular tasks are completed and tended to
  • Configurable notification system prompts the user with the information they need to know
  • Analytics for all areas of the system available
    • Drug usage
    • Workload
    • Financial
    • Clinical
  • ADA compliance - provide users with color and text warnings when an order does not map for the reconciliation

Built with Mobility in Mind

  • Access the web-based portal from any tablet or desktop computer through omni-channel and agnostic design
  • View medication profiles, demographic information and patient information for those individuals within your scope of care
  • Provide non-clinical users with patient data on a need to know basis

Focus on Privacy, Compliance and Support

  • 24/7 in-person support to optimize system functionality
  • No Patient Sensitive Health Information (PHI) is saved or cached on the actual device
  • Full 256 bit SSL encryption
  • HIPAA compliant technology
  • Configurable user roles control access to sensitive health information and functionality
  • hubhome
  • hubmedprofile
  • hubtaskcreation
  • hubvisitinfo

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